About Us


The Michigan Color Guard Circuit exists primarily for its participants: youth, staff, and supporters. This is always the underlying consideration for the direction and decisions of the circuit. The participants are encouraged to raise standards of achievement in terms of excellence and creativity. This must be, however, balanced with the primary need of ensuring respect for all. Competition is the chosen method for organizing this youth activity. It is only a means of achieving higher standards. The interaction of youth and adults aimed at positive life attitudes in a professional and educational manner remains a top priority. The Michigan Color Guard Circuit does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, sex, national origin, cultural background, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability. Its activities are based on the premise that all participants and program styles start with equal opportunity for success.

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In 1997, the MCGC formed our Judging Association, the Michigan Color Guard Judges\' Association (MCGJA). The MCGJA has been under the leadership of Juno Orefice, as Judge Coordinator, ever since its creation. The MCGJA has adopted strict and demanding standards to ensure that our judges are current with their training and exposure, both nationally and locally.

The MCGJA offers countless training opportunities for current and perspective judges and for our membership as well. These training sessions are held pre-season and also at each show when we have WGI judges available. Please send any questions to the MCGC Judge Coordinator.

For more information on training to be an MCGC Judge, contact the MCGC Judge Coordinator.