MCGC Championships is held at Saginaw Valley State University's Ryder Center. It is a two-day event that will see over 100 color guards, percussion units, and winds groups perform for several thousand fans and family members. This page will serve primarily as a source of information for our championships event for units and spectators alike. Check back frequently to make sure you have all the latest!

Latest Championships News:

In preparing for the upcoming MCGC Championships, please be sure to carefully read the Information Packet available at:

For those who are familiar with SVSU for MCGC Championships, we want to point out some changes to our use of the facility.

  1. There will be less floor space available in the turf room where equipment and props are unloaded. Large bleachers will be set-up for another SVSU event. All units are free to use the bleachers in the turf room to store your belongings and to hang out.
  2. The picnic area is being relocated out of the turf room to the upper level inside the new fieldhouse. We have never used this space before. It’s located behind the spectator stands, the level above unit check-in.
  3. The floor folding area will be located inside the fieldhouse on the ground level. This is also the first time we will be using this space. There is a brand new doorway from the turf room to the fieldhouse, near the performance floor exit, see the picture below.
  4. For those interested, this is not a permanent change for upcoming years. There is no added charge for the fieldhouse usage due to us losing space in the turf room this year.

banner photo